ISALYS Augmented Management


Isalys AM is a management consulting firm whose mission is to deliver enhanced performance to clients across a variety of industry sectors.

We provide solutions to help companies boost their performance during transformation projects and transition phases.

1 – We mainly focus on General Management and top/middle management support functions challenges by relying on three main types of intervention:

  • Interim management;
  • Consulting ;
  • Technical expertise.

2 – We boost your performance by using a methodology developed in the engineering world, which is now part of our DNA: our internal standard is ISA (Innovation, Solutions, and Agility). It involves the implementation of a proven operating mode:

  • Analysis and understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges;
  • Propensity to identify relevant and operational managers;
  • Integrated and agile project management.

3 – We capitalize on the expertise of our experienced consultants who are qualified to provide relevant responses to our clients’ challenges.


Isalys Augmented Management is part of ISALYS Group, a European consulting firm with recognized expertise in Technologies, Innovation, Organization, and Strategy.


At ISALYS Augmented Management, we provide management solutions to help companies boost their performance mobilizing our experts and consultants.

Our missions
  • Streamline transformation projects and transition phases,
  • Support top management,
  • Augment operational capabilities,
  • Align organizations for efficient strategy implementation and value creation.
Our clients
  • Companies from all industry sectors and sizes,
  • engaged in transformation and driven by an objective of strategic alignment,
  • in a phase of growth, transition or facing regulatory or technological disruptions,
  • for projects of any duration,
  • mobilizing consultants from various expertise and level of seniority.


Beyond technical skills and expertise, we value mindsets and attitudes for all our consultants based on :

  • Excellence & Quality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Humility
  • Pride
  • Fun

And with Ethics & Transparency in everything we do.