​Make your financial process valuable and relevant​

Your profile

You are​

  • A US company contemplating to invest in Europe ;​
  • Interested in targets involved in digital and IT sectors ;​
  • Partly held by a private equity fund under a LBO program ;​
  • Monitored with an ERP

Your Challenges​

  • You are about to take over a small business in France (Paris)) ;​
  • Turnover : 5 M$ (France & Luxembourg)​
  • People : 35 ​
  • Business : legal and regulatory documentation edition ​
  • Ran on a SAAS basis​
  • etc.​

Your needs​

  • Senior CFO for approximately 4 to 6 months, to assist in the integration of the finance function into the Corporate Finance Operations ; ​
  • French and English speaker;​
  • Understanding of French accounting and regulatory reporting;​
  • Experienced with ERP/Software implementation (SAP-Business One experience a plus);​
  • Experienced in evaluating existing finance operations and improving processes;​
  • Multi-entity structure, SAAS model .​

Our commitment

Integration of the finance function into the corporate finance operations: audit, recommandation, implementation.

Our offer​​

  • Support and advise your shareholding monitoring from and post closing;​
  • ​Support local CEO/CFO within integration/transformation process post acquisition ;​
  • ​Monitor financial integration from Paris and report to shareholder according to SAP standards ;​
  • ​Deliver redesigned financial processes : financial datas integrated, aligned with mother company standards. ​

Our solutions​

  • Top talent freelance senior Isalys AM consultants;​
  • ​Relevant vetted backgrounds with regard to your issues and needs ; ​
  • ​Expert with abilities to design, develop, scale up and deliver, ​
  • ​Consulting Know-How driving transformation and (re)organisation,​
  • ​Pragmatic and results oriented to support and streamline.​

Expected results​

  • Efficient processes, adjusted in terms of embedded costs, flexible, agile, business supporters …​
  • A robust aligned organization​
  • An objective of profitable, sustainable and socially responsible growth​

Business Case​s


​e-retailer pursuant ​

to an equity deal

Financial integration post acquisition on a private equity fund demand. ​

  • Legal​
  • Finance / controlling , audit​
  • Support processes​
  • Issurance​
  • HR​
  • IT​


  • Implement financial drivers ;​
  • Shareholding monitoring by financial data standardization ;​
  • ERP integration ;​
  • Drive the BP through milestones and financial covenants ;​
  • Support the financial teams, augment operational capabilities and align organization for efficient strategy implementation and value creation. ​


  • Mobilizing a senior CFO
  • Valuable and relevant financial background ​
  • Highly skilled in integration process and LBO programs​
  • Structured and driven by Isalys teams ​


  • Redesigned financial organization ;​
  • Shareholder standards integrated ;​
  • ERP implemented and customized properly ​
  • Financial drivers implements giving business visibility for management and shareholding ​
  • Financial teams augmented and confirmed. ​


SME – Consulting and corporate services firm​

Mobilization of a senior CFO as VP and Executive Commitee member, technical and know how provider​

  • IT​
  • Quality / ESR​
  • Procurement ​
  • Real estate​
  • Légal (M&A)​
  • Financial processes ​


  • Understand the business model and the culture, ​
  • design an interdisciplinary organization, ​
  • implement financial drivers to support a high growth strategy​


  • We provide a qualified and steered senior top CFO consultant, who focuses on process implementation and legal challenges in an international environment, having already ran a similar transformation project within a SME organization. ​
  • We support management to reach the necessary standards to support and boost the expected growth ;​
  • Project driven on an agile mode basis​


  • Financial process transformation completed ​
  • Implementation of an interdisciplinary organization, mature and sustainable to drive the business and attract new talents​
  • Profitability secured.​​


​Industry plant

Interim CFO manager on a part time basis​

  • Japanese shareholder​
  • Profitability and industrial efficiency default​
  • Economies of scale​
  • WCR improvement​
  • Carve-out ​


  • Financial support in the framework of a carve-out;​
  • Financial integration and standardization;​
  • ERP migration ​​​


  • Providing one of our CFO consultant on an interim management contract basis;​
  • Senior and valuable CFO experienced in industrial business model in an international environment;​
  • Project driven on a agile mode with the involvement of the shareholding financial teams. ​


  • Financial organization redesigned under anew operational scope post carve-out​
  • ERP reset ;​
  • Financial processes aligned. ​​


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